Friday, June 22, 2007

The Tudors

"King Henry VIII, the young and ambitious monarch of England, prepares for war with France but is dissuaded by the diplomatic manipulation of his powerful Lord Chancellor, Cardinal Wolsey, who proposes that the King sponsor a "Treaty of Universal Peace." The harmony of the King's domestic affairs is threatened, however, when he discovers that Elizabeth Blount, the young and beautiful lady-in-waiting to his Queen, Katherine of Aragon, is pregnant with his child.
Directed By: Charles McDougall and Steve Shill
Written By: Michael Hirst
TV MA (V, S, D) - Violence, Nudity, Adult Content"

The Tudors

Agora que Heroes e House foram à vida.... ou não recomeçam.Vi o primeiro episódio desta série. Parece ser interessante, pelo menos diferentes. Personagens históricas sem poderes especiais. O Script é +- baseado em factos históricos. Promete Adult Content mas ainda não vi assim nada de mais.

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