Tuesday, June 30, 2015



DUCATI Custom s2r 800 Caferacer

Hi. This is my latest build. It’s a 2005 Ducati s2r 800 modified by me into a modern Cafe Racer .
The bike was dirty and looking very old when it came to me. It was torn to pieces ,cleaned ,powder coated. I’ve made a custom open exhaust ,custom mono seat cover, custom top yoke ,etc. This is it finished
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Tell us about your custom build…

Cafè Racer Culture, is always looking for new Special Motorcycles.
No matter if they are made in a professional or in a genuine home garage. Send us pics of your work at rudebarber@gmail.com and we will add to the site.

Inviateci le vostre foto…

Cafè Racer Culture è sempre alla ricerca di Moto Special.
Non importa se sono fatte in officine professionali o in garage genuini e casalinghi. Inviateci le foto a rudebarber@gmail.com e le pubblicheremo sul nostro sito.


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